Supporting Communities

Equis seeks to contribute to the communities and environments in which we operate. We firmly believe in engaging local communities throughout our portfolio projects’ investment life-cycles – from the initial stages of project development through to operations. Our CSR programs are developed through consultation with the communities and mainly target infrastructure, health and education initiatives to improve their quality of life, with a particular focus on women and children.

In addition, we also encourage all platforms to enhance the environment near project sites through tree planting, erosion prevention and community clean-ups. Besides “greening” the environment, this can also provide livelihood assistance to the local communities and increase environmental, bio-diversity education and awareness.


Equis is focused on providing scholarships and internships, supporting schools through the donation of supplies and IT equipment, raising road safety awareness and assisting local farmers in increasing crop productivity.



Access to basic and preventive health is a key priority for communities near some of Equis’ project sites located in rural areas. We seek to provide healthcare and healthcare-related services tailored to meet the key needs of these communities.

In 2016, Equis was pleased to launch a long-term collaboration with global non-profit organisation Orbis whose mission is to prevent and treat blindness by providing quality eye care to transform lives. We plan to support viable projects in India, the Philippines and our pipeline projects in Indonesia to directly impact the communities near project sites.

We are presently working with Orbis on the following project:

  • Eyecare health program for children in India whereby school children will be screened for refractive errors. Children with eye conditions will be referred to an Orbis partner hospital for further treatment.



Equis’ infrastructure CSR projects aim to improve access to basic sanitation facilities and potable water, as well as increase road infrastructure near project sites. We also provide support to repair local schools and community buildings.

Plans are also in the pipeline to sponsor the provision of renewable energy to the Orbis network of more than 200 partner vision centres across India by installing solar panels.